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Frequently asked questions

How does the bitomat work?

Bitomat is a device used to exchange national currency into cryptocurrency and vice versa. The feature that distinguishes it from stock exchanges and online currency exchange offices is that transactions are based on cash. In a bitomat, you can freely deposit banknotes and buy cryptocurrencies with them, as well as sell digital currencies for cash.

Bitomat how it works?

A bitcoin machine may seem like an ATM. But don't be fooled. A bitcoin machine is something much better. Bitcoin machines do not have transaction limits. While most ATMs allow you to withdraw PLN 800, in a bitcoin machine there are only two limits. The first is your cryptocurrency wallet, and the second is the amount of cash accumulated in the bitomat.

Bitomat how much can you withdraw?

The bitcoin machine does not have an upper withdrawal limit. The only limit is the amount that will be placed in the bitcoin machine by the Operator. In the case of EGERA bitcoin machines, we do everything to maintain the largest possible pool of funds for our clients' withdrawals. Importantly, withdrawals up to PLN 4,500 - you can spend PLN anonymously - i.e. without any verification of your identity.

Bitomat how to withdraw?

Withdrawing at an ATM is simple. If you already have a session and have deposited funds to the address, just go to the ATM, scan or enter the session code and then select the withdraw funds option. You can withdraw the entire balance at once or withdraw only its part.

If you do not have a session in our system yet, you can create one by clicking on bitomat Sell under the selected cryptocurrency or create a session remotely using Creating a remote session is more convenient, what's more, you will save time and will not be had to wait for the transaction to be recorded at the bit ATM. After your transaction has propagated through a given blockchain network, you will be able to approach the selected bit ATM and withdraw funds by entering the session code.

Bitomat how much commission?

Commissions at the EGERA bitomat are the lowest on the local market. Regardless of whether you buy or sell, you always pay only 3% of the middle rate, i.e. the average rate. What is very important, this cost also includes transaction fees charged by a given blockchain network.

Bitomat what is it?

A Bitomat is, in other words, an ATM for cryptocurrencies. The EGERA Bitomat enables not only the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies in PLN, but also the purchase of cryptocurrencies for cash. The Bitomat is a device that, by connecting to blockchain networks, enables the purchase and sale of selected cryptocurrencies in cash. Importantly, unlike other forms of cryptocurrency transactions, transactions in bitcoin machines up to PLN 4,500 are completely anonymous.

Bitomat what is it?

A bitcoin machine is a device largely based on an ATM. The main difference, however, is that instead of a payment card, cryptocurrencies are the carrier of value. Due to different regulations than ATMs, a bitcoin machine allows you to withdraw larger sums of money individually, which is its great advantage. What's more, you can freely withdraw funds up to PLN 4,500 in the EGERA bitcoin machine, completely anonymously.

Bitomat how to buy?

To buy cryptocurrencies at the EGERA bitomat, you must appear in person at one of our bitomats. After selecting the cryptocurrency, just click the purchase button, scan or manually enter the address of the target wallet and then insert the banknotes into the slot on the right side of the bitomat. Remember that you can make a one-time transaction anonymously up to PLN 4,500. If you exceed this amount, our system will ask you to verify your identity.

Bitomat how it works?

Bitomat is a device that connects to blockchain networks. Thanks to this, it allows you to deposit and withdraw cash directly from cryptocurrencies. If you have bitcoin, litecoin, polygon, USDT or USDC, you can freely sell these cryptocurrencies in one of our bitomats. Importantly, , both cash deposits and withdrawals not exceeding PLN 4,500.00 can be made completely anonymously!

Bitomat what crypto?

At EGERA bitomat you can choose from a number of cryptocurrencies. For purists, we offer bitcoin. For people who value fast and cheap Litecoin and Polygon transactions. And for people who want to do on/off ramp with minimal risk of exchange rate changes, we offer stable 0 coins, i.e. tokens reflecting the US dollar exchange rate. Regardless of whether you like USDT Tether or trust USD Coin, you can make transactions using these two stable coins on the Polygon network in the EGERA bitomat.

What is a bitomat?

Bitomat is a machine used to make purchases of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin based on cash. Yes! You see correctly, in a bitomat you can buy your favorite cryptocurrencies for PLN in banknotes. Moreover, transactions up to PLN 4,500.00 are not require no identity verification. An important fact is that at the EGERA bitomat you can also sell your cryptocurrencies for real cash.

Bitomat where are they?

Bit ATMs are becoming more and more popular. You can check the location of Eger's ATMs on the map. If you share your location with us, our system will automatically show you the nearest ATM and the arrival time. We do everything in our power to ensure that our ATMs are perfectly connected with the entire city. You can easily reach them by car as well as by public transport.

Bitomat how it works?

The mechanism of operation of a bitomat is very complicated. The bitomat must simultaneously communicate with blockchain networks, convert cash and withdraw it. However, what matters to you as a customer is that you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly and based on cash. If you want to show your family that cryptocurrencies actually have value, invite them to a bitcoin machine and withdraw funds from your wallet with them. This is a great way to prove to your loved ones that investing in cryptocurrencies is not a wife's affair!

Bitomat how much can you withdraw?

Unlike ATMs serving the traditional financial market, the EGERA bitcoin ATM only has a one-time withdrawal limit of the value of all funds accumulated in the ATM. This means that you can withdraw the entire content of the ATM in just a few clicks. Importantly, the deposit limit is practically non-existent. Our bitcoin machines are ready to accept up to 3,000 banknotes. Remember that if you want to perform a transaction completely anonymously, the transaction limit is PLN 4,500.

Bitomat how to deposit cryptocurrencies?

You can deposit cryptocurrencies into the EGERA bitomat in two ways. The first one is remote deposit. To deposit cryptocurrencies remotely, just go to and generate the target wallet address. After sending the selected cryptocurrency, you can freely withdraw it in the form of cash from one of our ATMs using the session code. Remember that you can always export the session to a PDF file so as not to lose it, e.g. if you change your browser.

The second method is to send cryptocurrencies to the address at the bitomat itself. Just go to the EGERA bitomat, select the cryptocurrency, click sell and then send the funds to the address indicated on the receipt. Remember that depending on the selected network and the one you have chosen transaction fee, you may have to wait a while for the funds to be credited to the ATM. If you care about time and low transaction costs, choose the polygon network, litecoin or stable coins based on Matic (Polygon).

Bitomat how to deposit PLN?

The EGERA bitcoin machine has an efficient and fast acceptor. This means that you can deposit up to PLN 10,000 within a minute. To deposit zlotys, just go to the purchase of a given cryptocurrency, scan the target address and then insert the banknotes into the slot on the right bitomat right below the screen. Remember that the EGERA bitomat accepts all banknotes in Polish zloty. You can freely deposit both 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 zlotys.

Bitomat where?

The EGERA bitcoin ATM network is young. We started developing it only in October 2023. Our first bitcoin ATM is located in Galeria Podolany in Poznań. It is a great location, perfectly connected with the entire city. You can check our other, current and planned locations on map.

Bitomat what wallets?

EGERA Bitomat supports all wallets and address types based on the bitcoin, litecoin and Polygon (Matic) networks. You can freely deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies using a mobile wallet such as Exodus, a physical wallet such as Ledger or Trezor, or transfer cryptocurrencies to exchanges such as EGERA.

All you need is an alphanumeric wallet address or a QR code containing this address, which will significantly facilitate the use of our bitomat. With it, you can easily load the target address into the bitomat and avoid an unfortunate typo in the address itself.

Bitomat what currencies?

At Bitomat EGERA you can exchange a number of cryptocurrencies based on Polish banknotes. At your disposal are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polygon and stable coins such as USD Tether and USDCoin. You can buy them conveniently by depositing any banknote denominations in Polish zloty. What distinguishes the EGERA Bitomat is the withdrawal made with an accuracy of PLN 20. You can withdraw a minimum of PLN 20 from our bitcoin ATMs, but you can also withdraw the entire content from them.

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