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What is a bitomat?

A bitomat is a machine used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using cash. Thanks to bitomats, you can enter the world of bitcoin and other digital currencies completely anonymously, or leave it straight to PLN without intermediaries such as banks. Bitomat is one of the simplest, safe and convenient methods of using cryptocurrencies.

What distinguishes the EGERA bitomat?

The EGERA bitomat is the pinnacle of functionality and timeless design. Our bitcoin machines are located in places where local communities gather. We focus on high functionality, so in addition to the classic bitcoin, litecoin, and Polygon, we also provide you with a convenient exchange of two stablecoins, Tether USD and USD Coin.

How to buy cryptocurrencies anonymously?

Anonymity is one of the features that formed the basis of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the EGERA bitomat, anonymous cryptocurrency purchases are still possible. To buy cryptocurrencies anonymously, go to the bitcoin machine and select the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Then scan or manually enter your wallet address and insert the notes into the acceptor. You can make deposits in any denomination of PLN from PLN 10 to PLN 500. Remember that the purchase will be 100% anonymous if your deposit does not exceed PLN 4,500.

How to sell cryptocurrencies anonymously?

To sell cryptocurrencies anonymously, just go to the EGERA bitcoin machine or create a remote session on your device. After sending the selected cryptocurrency to the provided address, you will be able to withdraw up to PLN 4,500 without any verification. Just go to the EGERA ATM, scan the session from the receipt or session file, and the money will be automatically paid right into your hands.

How is a bitomat better than a cryptocurrency exchange?

Bitomat is a stationary point that handles cash. There is only one exchange in Poland that supports instant transfers and that is EGERA. But that doesn't change the fact that people like you like to have cash in their wallet. Therefore, we have provided you with a network of bitcoin machines, thanks to which you have instant access to both cash and the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, at EGERA bitomat you can freely make purchases or sales anonymously - which you will not find on any cryptocurrency exchange.

How is a bitcoin machine better than a stationary currency exchange office?

You will always find an EGERA bitomat in a place that is perfectly suited to your needs. We are talking here not only about the selection of locations, but also the hours of availability of our machines. Our ATMs are available on weekends, including non-trading Sundays and in the early morning and evening hours when no stationary currency exchange office will serve you.

How much is the commission for exchanging at a Bitcoin ATM?

At EGERA bitomat we have fixed and low commissions. They also include network fees, which are immediately included in the price. The same commission of only 3% applies to both the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

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Commission on purchase

The purchase commission is fixed at 3%. We do everything in our power to ensure that funds in the form of cryptocurrencies reach your address as quickly as possible after the cash payment. Remember that depending on the selected network and its load, this time may vary.

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Commission on the sale

The sales commission is 3%. Remember. that it is included in the transaction rate. To maintain the exchange rate, please note that funds must reach the mempool within 15 minutes of the transaction being created. Otherwise, the rate may be updated.

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