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EGERA bitomat - everything you are looking for!

The EGERA network bitomat is everything you need.

Cryptocurrency purchases

At EGERA bitomat you can easily buy your favorite cryptocurrencies. You can choose from bitcoin, the fast and efficient litecoin cryptocurrency, instant Polygon and 2 stable coins: USD Coin and USD Tether. Regardless of which cryptocurrency you choose, you can deposit any denomination of PLN from PLN 10 to PLN 500 in the EGERA bitomat.

Cryptocurrency sales

At EGERA bitomat you can easily sell cryptocurrencies. You can start the entire transaction at home by generating a user session. Regardless of which sales method you choose - remote or stationary - your payment will be waiting for you a long time after the transaction is recorded on the blockchain.

Where are EGERA bitcoin machines located?

Our network's bitcoin machines are located in places where local communities gather. You will most often find our bitcoin machines at the entrances to shopping malls. When choosing the location of our bitcoin ATMs, we always set ourselves several goals:

City Address Available funds Location Details

Excellent communication

We always place our bitcoin machines in a place that is perfectly connected to the rest of the city. Our goal is for you to perform transactions at the Bitcoin ATM as part of your daily activities, and not to make getting to the ATM a goal in itself. Therefore, our machines are always placed near the main arteries of cities to make access to them as quick and convenient as possible.

Parking place

There's nothing worse than seeing your destination and having to drive away from it in search of a parking space. We know this feeling perfectly. That's why EGERA network ATMs are located next to large parking lots, where there is no problem finding a place for your car.

Public transport

Regardless of the reasons why you don't have a car, our bitcoin machines are still available to you. One of the main location factors is the proximity of public transport nodes, so that access to the bitomat is also convenient by bus, tram or metro.

A place to relax

Although you can start cryptocurrency withdrawal transactions remotely by sending funds to your wallet address, there is nothing stopping you from doing it at an ATM. Due to technological limitations imposed by blockchain networks, it may take some time for funds to be credited. However, we locate our ATMs in such a way that you can rest in a local cafe or restaurant while waiting for your deposit to be credited.

How much is the commission for exchanging at a Bitcoin ATM?

At EGERA bitomat we have fixed and low commissions. They also include network fees, which are immediately included in the price. The same commission of only 3% applies to both the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

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Commission on purchase

The purchase commission is fixed at 3%. We do everything in our power to ensure that funds in the form of cryptocurrencies reach your address as quickly as possible after the cash payment. Remember that depending on the selected network and its load, this time may vary.

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Commission on the sale

The sales commission is 3%. Remember. that it is included in the transaction rate. To maintain the exchange rate, please note that funds must reach the mempool within 15 minutes of the transaction being created. Otherwise, the rate may be updated.

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